Never do laundry again.
Starting at just ฿179/week.

Frequently asked questions

What is WashCycle?

WashCycle is a wash & fold laundry subscription service. For a predicible, flat monthly cost, we'll take care of your laundry chore.

How often will my plan renew?

All of our plans will renew every 4 weeks from the date of your first collection.

What can I put in my WashDrop laundry bag?

Anything that can be washed in a washing machine! So long as the bag can be fully closed using the drawstrings.

How much laundry will fit in my WashDrop bag?

Your WashDrop bag will be able to hold upwards of 6kgs of laundry. We don't charge by weight, so you're free to fit as much laundry as you can inside.

Can I send more than one bag of laundry?

Certainly! Simply add an extra bag to your WashCycle plan when booking for the first time.

Do you offer an ironing service with WashCycle plans?

Yes, you can add on an ironing service for a fixed extra charge.

Can I change the dates of my collections and deliveries?

You can change the date of your collections and deliveries at any time by contacting our customer support team. Any changes must be before your renewal date.

Can I cancel my WashCycle plan?

You can cancel your WashCycle plan at anytime before your renewal date.